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Truck filled with toys stolen from distribution center


On November 29, 2017, a truckload of toys went missing from a Regal Logistics distribution center in Fife, Washington.

A Truckload Of Christmas Cheer Taken By Cargo Thieves

Q13Fox is calling this heist a real-life Grinch as the holiday season quickly approaches. This Grinch stole a truck full of this season’s most popular laser toy.


Detective Sgt. Tom Thompson commented, “They had a trailer that was loaded full of toys and ready to be distributed. We believe the person that stole a tractor “We believe the person that stole that tractor, hooked up to that trailer full of toys and just drove away with it.”

This thief must have been a confident one because the truck and trailer were stolen in broad daylight on a Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s probably more than a crime of opportunity,” says Det. Sgt.Thompson. “Usually semi tractors are not something that’s usually targeted to be stolen. It seems like somebody knew what was in that trailer.”

Upon further investigation, it does not appear that there is high security at the gates of the distribution center. Q13Fox reported that the entire center is gated with wire fencing; however, some people briefly stopped at the gate for entry, but many just walked right in.

The number of toys stolen in the truck was worth thousands of dollars. Investigators believe that the thief might try to sell the toys online in order to make some extra cash this holiday season.

Police Ask For Help Locating Toy-Filled Truck

“Our guess is they’re probably going to be quite a substantial discount,” says Thompson about the toys being resold, “and so we’re hoping that folks can if they see that or happen to notice these things on sale that they’d be willing to give us a call.”

The trailer is a white 2002 Freightliner truck with Washington plates C17569G.

The trailer is labeled “Triton” and is reddish-brown in color with Tennessee plates U479975.

If you see this truck or trailer please contact Fife Police Department at (253) 922-6633 or at 3737 Pacific Highway East STE 110 Fife, WA 98424.


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