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Truck rolls over on Creek Turnpike, leaks 100 gallons of fuel into storm drain


Police are on the lookout today for a driver that may have caused a fuel truck to roll over in a busy intersection Sunday evening.

Near the Creek Turnpike, by Elm Street in Jenks, Oklahoma, a fuel truck was attempting to enter the turnpike when another driver cut him off. This caused him to lose control and overturn. The truck driver said he tried to avoid a collision, but instead, the truck tipped.

The truck carried 8,500 gallons of fuel in the tank and some of it leaked into a storm drain. A HAZMAT crew was needed at the scene, according to FOX 23.

Officials estimate that about 100 gallons of fuel that was spilt made its way into the nearby storm drain. The storm drain leads directly to the Arkansas River. HAZMAT crew worked to emulsify the fuel that went into the drain. They said the fuel did not make it into the river. They told Fox 23 that the fuel did not make it into the river.

Thankfully, the truck driver was not injured.

The driver that cut off the fuel truck fled the scene.
Local police say that they are still on the lookout for the vehicle that is believed to have caused this accident. Eastbound lanes of the Creek Turnpike near Elm Street in Jenks were closed several hours Sunday.

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