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Trucker charged after unknowingly dragging 1000 pound boulders for a mile


A truck driver is facing several charges after New York police caught him unwittingly dragging heavy boulders under his rig this weekend.

City of Tonawanda Police spotted the truck around 9 a.m. on Saturday.

Driver Faces Charges Following Boulder Dragging Incident

Authorities say that 66 year old Buffalo-based truck driver Sameal Daniels took a corner at Sameal Daniels too sharply. Because of the sharp turn, Daniels struck a fire hydrant and caused two boulders weighing nearly 1000 pounds each to become lodged under his his trailer in such a way that his left rear tires lost contact with the roadway. Police say that he had driven for about a mile while dragging the boulders.

Daniels told police that he felt that the truck had been driving awkwardly but that he didn’t know about the boulders.

Daniels faces several charges including failure to use a truck route, leaving the scene of an accident, and improper turning.

Video Shows Boulder Removal Process

In the video below, you can watch as a heavy duty tow truck is brought in to remove the boulder from underneath the truck.


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