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Trucker Charged For Firing Warning Shots During Robbery


A truck driver is facing charges after he fired a gun into the air to scare off three men — one of whom who would later fire several shots at that trucker– during a robbery attempt at a Memphis Home Depot.

The incident took place around 5 a.m. in the in the 4900 block of Stage Road.

Trucker Fires Warning Shots To Stop Cargo Thieves

The trucker told police that he had been asleep in his truck in the Home Depot lot since 1 a.m. when he was awakened by a rocking motion coming from his trailer.

When he looked outside, he saw that three passenger vehicles had parked near the trailer. He saw three men taking items from his trailer and loading them into the vehicles.

At this point, the truck driver grabbed his gun and exited the passenger side of the truck. He yelled at the suspects to warn them to leave and fired several shots into the air.

The suspects fled in an SUV, abandoning a silver Mazda at the scene.

Suspects Return And Fire Several Shots Into Semi

While the trucker was on the phone with law enforcement, the SUV returned to the scene. One of the suspects exited the car armed with a gun. He demanded the keys to the silver Mazda.

When the trucker told the man that he didn’t have the keys, the suspect fired several shots into the cab of the truck. The SUV and the suspects then sped away.

The truck driver was not hit by gunfire, but he was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries caused by broken glass.

No arrests have been made.

The truck driver had a permit for the gun in the state of Alabama, according to reports. Memphis police charged him for firing a gun within city limits.

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