Fans of Chuck Timbrook’s “Black Out” truck may soon be able to take home a mini-version!

According to a report in the Chambersburg Public Opinion, Timbrook is in talks with New-Ray Toys to manufacture a model version of his popular truck. Timbrook himself has created model versions of Black Out like the one you see below, but distribution from New-Ray would make Black Out models much easier to acquire.

Timbrook says that he is waiting to hear about a possible contract for the toy and that the profits from the mini-Black Out would go towards getting the full-sized version out in public for fans to enjoy: “Even if I get a quarter a model, I really don’t care because all that money would go back to help keeping Black Out up and running.

And if a toy version of Black Out is something you’d like to see on store shelves, there is something that you can do!

In a February 23 Facebook post, Timbrook asked the trucking community and fans of Black Out to contact New-Ray Toys and let them know that there would indeed be a market for the toy truck. You can take a look at his Facebook post below.

Chambersburg Public Opinion

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