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Trucker Loses Life In Fiery Oil Tanker Crash On Utah I-80


A trucker was killed in Parley’s Canyon last night when his rig collided with a double tanker full of crude oil.

Crash Happened As One Truck Passed Another In Near Whiteout Conditions

The crash happened around 10:20 last night on the snow-packed lanes of westbound I-80 at mile marker 139. Conditions were described as near whiteout.

The crash happened as a tanker truck attempted to pass another semi.

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, “One of the double tankers was trying to pass around another slower moving semi or stopped semi, we’re not sure what that status was but, as he went around that semi that semi then rolled backwards into him.

The crash caused the tanker to rupture and leak oil, causing a large fire which engulfed the stalled semi.

The tanker truck driver was able to get out of his truck and wasn’t hurt in the crash.

The stalled semi driver was found dead in his cab by firefighters. He was later identified as 67 year old Wendell Lewis of Arizona.

Firefighters struggled to put out the flames because of the crude oil and eventually the Air Force called in a special rescue truck designed to fight oil fires.

Westbound I-80 was closed most of the night. All but one lane were reopened by 11:30 this morning. That lane was damaged by the fire and will need repair.

The crash is still under investigation.

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