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Trucker Opens Fire After Seeing Wife With Another Man At Truck Stop


A truck driver was arrested at in Florida after he opened fire when he caught his wife with another man at a Flying J truck stop.

Multiple Shots Fired At Florida Flying J

The incident happened on the evening of August 21 in St. Augustine. Police were called to the truck stop by the wife of 57 year old truck driverĀ Elvin Medina, who said that her husband was shooting at her. Medina’s wife is also a truck driver.

TheĀ St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said that Medina fired multiple shots at the truck his wife was in before trying to leave the Flying J in his own truck. Police stopped the truck at gunpoint and arrested Medina without incident.

No injuries were reported.

Trucker Faces Felony Charges

When police searched Medina’s truck, they found a gun that appeared to be jammed. Medina’s truck had broken windows, indicating that he had been inside the cab when he opened fire.

After his arrest, Medina apologized to police for the incident and said, “Today is my 13th anniversary with my wife and I saw her cheating on me with another man from work.

Medina’s wife told police that she had been having an affair with another driver from her company and that they were both transporting separate loads when they met at the the truck stop.

Mediana faces felony charges for shooting at a vehicle and aggravated assault without intent to kill.


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