Trucker Jackknifes To Avoid Hitting Road Rager

Indiana police are searching for an SUV driver who opened fire on a truck driver during a road rage incident yesterday.

Motorist Apparently Angered By One Truck Passing Another

The shooting happened on I-94 west in Burns Harbor near Exit 22 around 6:30 p.m.

State police say that a truck driver had changed lanes in order to pass a slower semi. As he did so, a grey SUV approached him from behind at a high rate of speed, apparently angry about being unable to pass.

Police say that there was some sort of altercation between the SUV driver and the trucker.

When the SUV finally passed the semi, the trucker said that he felt a pain in his leg and realized that he had been shot.

The victim’s truck showed evidence of taking gunfire.

The SUV continued down I-94.

We have no information on the truck driver’s condition at this time.

Indiana State Police Seek Help From The Public

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the incident or saw a grey SUV with Indiana plates driving unsafely in the area yesterday to contact them at 219-696-6242.

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