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VIDEO: Trucker tries to help fellow trucker, but it doesn’t go as planned


This video was shared on YouTube by user A.K.A 971155.

He captioned the video saying, “Driver tries to save the day but has no luck… Tried to pull a driver out of the way at receiver today. Almost had it but he had an air leak so the wheels locked up, the gate arm came down and I busted three load straps… but hey, I tried… Pulled other trucks out of the mud and snow with less but anyway…Gave it a shot. Onroad showed up about thirty minutes after I got out the way…”

Several YouTubers praised the driver for going out of his way to help a truck driver in distress.

You sir are a true trucker trying to help another driver out of a pinch … I tip my hat to you for trying to help !!!!
This is the real spirit of help .Keep it that way
Finally another real driver ive come across. Helping, with plans A,B and C. Also a proper tug test before even hoping out of the truck. Ill happy tip my hat to you sir!
Others had advice for how the two could have handled the situation better.
Out it in second gear get it rolling and pop the clutch
Should have called a wrecker from the start.
Unhook from the trailer, back up along side the truck as close as you can and hook the red lines of both trucks together. Leave disabled truck parking brake set and release trailer valve. Release trailer valve in the running truck and it will push air back to recharge his tanks. He pops his trailer valve first when tanks have enough air to keep it from escaping back out then pop yours and disconnect. Now he has air to release his parking brake. Your welcome.
What advice would you have had for either of these two drivers? Weigh in in the comments below!

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