Stuck Truck

Last week, a trucker who took a wrong turn found himself in a precarious situation in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

Truck Driver Loses Trailer On The Tight Turns Of Shafer Trail

According to the Moab Times-Independent, the incident took place on September 1 near the town of Moab.

According to reports, the semi truck driver took a wrong turn near the entrance to the park and found himself on Shafer Trail. The truck became stuck just before noon and forced park officials to close down the trail.

The trailer became disconnected from the truck somehow. Even without the trailer, the truck became stuck a second time, dangerously close to the edge of a steep cliff.

Park officials were able to reopen Shafer Trail on September 2. The truck reportedly wasn’t removed until September 4.

You can get a sense of how difficult Shafer Trail would have been for the truck driver to maneuver by watching this video of a motorist who makes it look plenty scary for a driver with only four wheels to think about instead of eighteen.