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Trucker’s Cat Survives 400 Mile Ride On Semi’s Undercarriage


An OTR driver who lost his cat at an Ohio rest stop got the surprise of his life when he found his furry co-pilot clinging to the undercarriage of his truck — 400 miles away.

Trucker Cat Escapes From Idling Rig

It all began on February 24 when trucker Paul Robertson was idling at a rest stop in New Paris while recovering from a stomach ailment. While Robertson was sleeping, his cat Percy managed to use the electric window controls to escape.

Still feeling sick, Robertson searched for Percy and took to Facebook to ask for help locating his co-pilot as cold winter weather rolled through the area. He even started a GoFundMe page to offer a reward for Percy’s safe return.

Even with a community of Facebook friends helping in the search, Percy was nowhere to be found.

Driver Has No Choice But To Leave Cat Behind

Robertson had a deadline to deliver a load and finally he was unable to wait any longer for Percy to reappear. Robertson had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave his cat behind.

Robertson drove four hundred miles though nasty weather at highway speeds.

Trucker Makes A Startling Discovery

After returning from an office to grab his paperwork, Robertson saw something astounding — Percy emerging from underneath his truck. He was battered and stunk “like 400 miles of bad road and old truck … but somehow this amazing animal rode with me all day today hanging onto the undercarriage!

A trip to the vet revealed that Percy was okay other than an eye infection. He got some medicine and is on the mend from his incredible adventure.

Percy’s incredible story has made the national news, but Robertson says that fame isn’t going to Percy’s head.

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