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Trump faces trucker backlash on Twitter following tax speech


After speaking about tax reform at an event where truckers were represented by the American Trucking Association, President Trump faced social media backlash from drivers who feel that they were not well spoken-for.

Yesterday Trump flew into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to offer up a tax reform plan that he said would help trucking by reducing individual taxes, eliminating the estate tax (also known as the “Death Tax”), and by lowering the corporate tax rate.

While the White House promised that there would be hundreds of truckers in attendance at the speech, many truckers were disappointed that they were largely represented at the event by the American Trucking Association (ATA), which supports perhaps the most controversial pending regulation in the trucking industry — the ELD Mandate.

Though the ATA has called their organization “the nation’s largest and most authoritative voice representing the trucking industry”, many truckers (particularly those in Tony Justice’s “ELD OR ME” Facebook group) took to Twitter to express their displeasure with their representation at the major presidential event.

Truckers to Trump: “ATA Doesn’t Represent Me”

Here’s what truckers had to say to the President.

Organizer Tony Justice Tweeted this morning to confirm that the group’s efforts were generating attention.

You can click here to view #eldorme on Twitter.


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