Two women lost their lives in Philadelphia this morning when their SUV crashed into a parked semi.

The crash occurred around 8 a.m. on Roosevelt Boulevard in the Fentonville neighborhood of Philadelphia. A tractor trailer was legally parked in the far right lane of the outer northbound lanes of Roosevelt Boulevard. An SUV with three passengers slammed into the parked truck, killing 40 year old Marshy Flowers and 25 year old Asia Nicole Holland.

The driver of the SUV sustained serious injuries in the crash

The truck driver was not in the parked rig at the time of the crash. He was in a nearby hotel on a federally required rest break.

Investigators are still working to determine what caused the crash. Early reports indicated that another vehicle may have been involved. Police are looking for video and witness reports to determine what happened.

Charges could be pending for the SUV driver following the results of the investigation.

The crash has left many people, including Pennsylvania House Representative Jared Solomon, calling for transportation officials to improve safety on Roosevelt Boulevard.

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