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VIDEO: Road rage served up California style


Yesterday a Youtuber, SycoJack, posted this dash cam footage featuring a four-wheeler with outrageous road rage.

The driver captioned the video:

“This idiot passes me on the shoulder, then wedges his car between my truck and the truck in front of me. Nearly getting his car ran over in the process as he was so close to my bumper, I couldn’t even see him.

Then as if that were not enough and for reasons I cannot fathom, he proceeds to park his vehicle in front of me.

After several seconds he finally moves. As I begin to roll away, I accidentally drop the clutch and kill the engine.

Once I finally get caught up again, he decides he’s not done yet, gets out of his vehicle and yells at me.

Once he gets back in his vehicle and drives away, I recommend skipping to 3:48 as nothing happens.

At 3:48 he matches speed with my truck and resumes his harassment, yelling out “come on faggot boy” several times.

Between then and around 5:00 they continue their harassment, but mostly with just obscene gestures and shouts that the dashcam didn’t catch.

At 5:00 I blew his girlfriend a kiss, but she didn’t like that too much.”



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