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VIDEO: Car driver claims to have been run off the road by tractor-trailer


This video footage caught an encounter between a car and a tractor-trailer as they both attempt to enter a construction zone.

The dash cammer merges onto the highway and begins to travel in the middle lane of the 3 lane highway.

Down the road, the dash cammer passes a tractor-trailer while still traveling in the left lane. It was about 30 seconds later when the car began honking at the truck as construction cones began narrowing the lanes.

Only one vehicle could fit in the 1 right lane left open. The car did not merge in front of the truck; therefore, the car was seemingly pushed out of the way by the truck entering the construction zone. The truck had been traveling in the right lane for some time now.

Could the car have merged in front of the truck within the 30 seconds after it passed it? Could the truck have been moving too fast for the car to merge?

There was definite contact between the tractor-trailer and the car, but the truck did not make immediate efforts to stop.

In the comments section, the dash cammer explained what happened next, “The guy never stopped I followed him for about 15 to 20 miles. The state trooper had me pull over so they could write a police report. But luckily I had all the information of who the company was and I called them and turned it into their insurance. $2000.00 damage hitting the red barrel. But cheaper than having the truck hit me.”


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