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VIDEO: “Creepy Truck Driver Stories Compilation | True Stories”


Graveyard Shift posted this creepy truck driver story on his YouTube channel on Thursday. He captioned this video saying:

“When you spend as much time on the road as a truck driver does, you’re going to see some crazy things… some even supernatural. Have you ever heard creepy truck driver stories? Everything from supernatural encounters to threatening situations, many trucker stories make you wonder why they would ever want to do this for a living!

Looking for the best trucker horror stories, we here at Graveyard Shift made this compilation of creepy truck driver stories and other suspicious truck driver tales.

Are you a truck driver who has a few scary big rig stories? Let’s keep the nightmares coming — tell us your creepy truck driver stories and other trucker stories in the comments below!”

Tell us about your creepy driving story!


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