This video posted by YouTuber Truck Drivers U.S.A. shows a dash cammer driving recklessly down the highway.

As the video starts, you can see a black tractor traveling in the right lane, and 2 trailers in the near distance.

The dash cammer begins to drive very closely to other vehicles on the road. As the driver slams on the horn many times, a tractor-trailer switches from the left to the right lane quite a ways in front of the dash cammer.

The same tractor-trailer switches back to the left lane from the right in front of the dash cammer who is trying to pass.

There is also an SUV traveling near the tractor-trailers and the dash cammer, and the SUV driver does not seem phased by the dash cammers anger or the trucks.

The dash cammer then attempts to pass the tractor-trailer in the left lane on the right side when he/she is blocked by a red tractor-trailer already in the right lane.

The dash cammer swerves into the onramp to eventually pass both trailers and speed back into the far left lane – cutting off both tractor-trailer drivers.

There was so much opportunity for an accident throughout this video. We are glad it appears all drivers were able to safely continue down the road.