Tensions rise as a cyclist angrily confronts truckers temporarily parked in the bike lane outside of Swanson Meats in Minneapolis.

From the YouTuber: “Southbound on 26th Avenue just south of the Greenway, two semi trucks, Minnesota license PAP 2020 and Michigan license RB 09789 were parked in the bike lane. I had a conversation with the first driver, who refused to move his truck, so I called 311 and waited for traffic enforcement to arrive. In the meantime, both drivers and a couple of Swanson employees came out to converse with me. 

During conversation, the driver of RB 09789 backed into me intentionally, contacting my genitals with his buttocks and almost knocking me off my bike, at which point I called 911 to report the assault. After more waiting and quite a bit more interaction with the driver and Swanson employees, the police arrived. 

The police made excuses for the drivers and advised me to ride on the sidewalk, or in the traffic lane, or to ride illegally and extremely unsafely going the wrong way in the northbound bike lane. They ultimately refused to ticket or tow the driver, or to pursue an arrest for the assault.

UPDATE: Yesterday I spoke with the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office, who told me that the Minneapolis Police Department very rarely investigates misdemeanor assault charges and that I should not hold my breath.

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