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VIDEO: “A Driver’s Opinion On The ELD Mandate”


In this beautifully shot video, an experienced driver shares her opinion on how ELDs will change the face of trucking as we know it.

The video, produced by Texomatic’s Tex Crowley, features driver Christine “Truckie” Norris.

With the ELD Mandate compliance date (December 18th) less than two weeks away, Norris talks about how ELDs will change trucking with respect to issues like criminality, trust, independence, and professionalism. Norris also asserts that ELDs are a tool that could allow mega-carriers to force small business truckers out of trucking entirely.

Her most poignant argument, however, is that ELDs will kill the spirit of trucking. Norris says that she has seen drivers who are already on ELDs race against the clock, so stressed and harried that they no longer have time to stop to help another driver in distress.

Many drivers who saw the video thought Norris hit the nail on the head.
Wow! What an awesome video. I agree with her 100%. I think it’s time that the government start listening to the actual drivers out here on what life is really like instead of making decisions for us from behind a desk. Apparently they don’t have any clue as to what goes on out here on a daily basis

John Cater
Everything this woman just said is 100 percent correct….this profession from what it was 20 years ago has gone to Sh*t I hope soon I’m able to go local or get out of this ….cause this isn’t fun anymore!?

Keith James
I’m semi retired now but I think she’s right. It’s just a way for the government and big carriers to make it impossible for the small guys to compete. I started in 72 so I drive when I want and this may bring me to sit back and enjoy what I’ve done.

Others took issue with Norris’ stance on ELDs.
Peterbilt Mark
So… If you work within the limits of the law then an ELD is not an issue. Plain and simple. Buck up cupcake. If you are against the ELD then you are most probably operating illegal. This woman just admitted to doing it. The 14 hour clock is the 14 hour clock. That is that. Is there something that I don’t understand here?


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