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VIDEO: ” Is Expedited Trucking A Right Fit For A Married Couple Who Team?”


J Canell, a truck driver that tells his driving stories on YouTube, shared a video of a married couple that does expedited trucking.

J Canell captioned this video:

“Expedited trucking is the branch of freight hauling that deals with rush orders. From a tiny one-pound bag of produce headed for a testing laboratory to nuclear plant parts, items that must arrive at a specific time, not be reloaded, or require delicate handling all go by an expediter. This type of trucking depends largely on five truck types:

  • Cargo van—Your snakes and your frozen carrots for testing would go in a small van
  • Sprinter van—Able to hold three pallets (say, a million bucks’ worth of pharmaceuticals) or equivalent weight
  • Straight truck—For less-than-truck loads (LTLs) that are too big, too oddly shaped, or too heavy for the sprinter van; a straight truck for expediting usually has a 96” sleeper unit so your driving team can run straight through
  • Tractor-trailer—For long pieces or expedited full truck loads (FTLs)”

The Crafty Trucker: Heather and Jason

The couple that this video spotlights is Heather and Jason, also known as The Crafty Trucker.

Heather and Jason speak of their lifestyle change when going into trucking. They knew they wanted to get into truck driving after struggling with the lifestyle that they were living. Being tired of debt and house payments, this married couple took their lives on the road.

Working As A Married Couple

They offered a few valuable words of advice about expedited trucking, trucking in general, and working as a married couple.

  • Consider expedited trucking as a lifestyle, not just a job
  • They wanted to travel, they found a job that would pay them to travel
  • Adaptation is key
  • There are pros and cons, but they like to focus on the positive
  • You will be away from your family a lot of the time, so having a partner with you is beneficial
  • Embrace the lifestyle
  • Not everything will always go according to plan
  • You will have to deal with a wide variety of people, including rude ones
  • A majority of time is spent in the truck or at a truck stops

J Canell comments, “They’re a good resource for that lifestyle or that particular job.”

Check out Heather and Jasons channel HERE

Any husband and wife teams out there with any advice to add to this?


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