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VIDEO: Family of five survives semi truck T-bone


A family of five is lucky to be alive after a nasty T-Bone collision with the dash cammer’s semi truck.

From dash cammer “The Trucker In Question“:

Please share so it can make it back to the family so they can see how lucky they truly are. I had just passed a truck that locked up his brakes because he seen it happening, I popped out already braking. A car got a flat front tire and crossed in front of a rig on 12/12/17 at 6:30am. The time stamp is 1 hour ahead. A family of 5 were in the car, most were sleeping. One got a gash over one of his eyes and the rest were in better condition, as far as I’m aware of. I hope they realize GOD was riding shotgun with them on that morning, because a lot of people don’t survive being T-Boned by a semi-truck pulling 20,000 pounds, being dragged 250 feet, doing 95 KMH/60 MPH. I hope you bought a lottery ticket.”

“God bless the family and I hope for a full and fast recovery. If the family sees this, please let me know you are ok. Please share this so it reaches the family so they have proof they had someone over looking them at this moment.


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