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VIDEO: Aggressive passing results in “almost a head-on collision”


CDLLife reader Paul Beauregard sent in video highlighting the dangers of aggressive passing in bad weather conditions.

He wrote, “Getting really dangerous out here. Almost a head-on collision between two trucks.

One decided to pass us, my partner could see the oncoming truck, He moved over and slowed down. THEN, TWO other trucks passed us dangerously and the third almost didn’t make it.

We are a team. Hard to sleep when things like this always happen.

The road these trucks are traveling on is only 2 lanes wide – one lane going each direction. Three trucks behind the dashcammer decided they were not going fast enough. The 3 trucks decided to pass the dashcammer on the wrong side of the road in an effort to get ahead.

The third truck hardly made it by because there was another truck heading right towards them on the opposite side of the road.

To make matters even worse, the road conditions were far from ideal. The roads were very icy and slippery while being covered in compact snow – these are not the conditions to be driving so recklessly.


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