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VIDEO: Kansas Trooper Rescues Trucker Stuck In Wildfire


Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Tod Heilman shared dash cam video of his incredible rescue of a truck driver who got stuck while trying to turn around to escape from a wildfire on I-70 on Monday.

According to Trooper Heilman:

“I have to say in my 20 years with the KHP, this ranks up there as one of the most steering wheel gripping moments I’ve had. 😮 Glad we got the trucker out of there and thanks to Trooper Trav for getting traffic stopped behind me! Btw, Firefighters….#Respect

The story behind this is, I was one mile west of the Wilson exit on eastbound I-70 and the fire had jumped I-70 east of me so I was trying to turn people around before they drove into it. I turned about 20 cars around and two semi-trucks, then I noticed that the fire had now spread across I-70 west of me also. When the second semi truck tried to turn around, it got high centered in the median so I grabbed the driver, headed west and thankfully made it out. 

Just like to give props again to all the firefighters who kept this from getting into the town of Wilson. Be smart and be safe in all this wind Kansas!”


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