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VIDEO: That little wave makes it all better


In this dash cam video, an entitled car driver forces his way in front of a truck, comes inches from causing a potentially dangerous crash, then rolls down his window and gives the truckers a nice little apology wave.

The video, entitled “Idiot of the night award goes to this guy” was sent in by CDLLife readers and YouTubers Trucking with Double D’s.

They write “After cutting me off, he casually rolls his window down and waves.

The car driver’s casual response to the close call shows that he likely has no idea how close his cut off maneuver came to causing a crash with the semi that likely would have hurt his vehicle more than the truck. He probably has no clue that he has the attentiveness and professionalism of the dash cammers to thank for the fact that he got to continue on with his day as if nothing ever happened.



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