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VIDEO: Never cross the street from behind a bus


This video is a perfect example of why you should never cross the street from behind a bus – it is much safer to wait until the bus has pulled away and you have a clear view of the roadway.

This dashcam footage shows a young child exiting the bus and almost immediately running behind the bus to cross the street. At the same time, a tractor-trailer was about to pass the bus when they slammed on their brakes to avoid the inevitably fatal crash.

Luckily, the truck driver was paying attention and heard the dashcammer honk just before slamming on the brakes. The child ran away from the truck, barely getting out the way in time.

The dashcammer, Tor Bjørn Kyrkjebø, told NRK “I saw over the roof of the bus the truck was heading at it at a great speed. I blinked my lights and horn to alert the traffic and young people.”


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