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VIDEO: Operation Black and Blue and United Truckers protest on Washington


This video recaps the Operation Black and Blue and United Truckers protest that happened last week in Washington.

The organizations protested from October 3 through October 8 in Washington D.C.

Operation Black and Blue is “a coordinated effort by truck drivers who are against the ELD (electronic logging device) mandate and who are in favor of HOS (hours of service) reform and better training standards for new drivers entering the trucking industry.”

The group is against government overreach and over-regulation. They believe that the ELD mandate threatens the livelihood of drivers across the country; to them, it is a matter of public safety and driver privacy.

The truck drivers in attendance were protesting the following:

  1. ELD Mandate: The driver should be able to have a choice between ELD or paper logs. Their logs should also not be shown to outside parties without the driver’s knowledge or permission
  2. 14 Hour Rule: Drivers should not be held to a continuous running clock
  3. Restructure the FMCSA: To include individuals that have real-life trucking experience
  4. Abolish speed limiters or split speeds: Every state has its own speed limit
  5. Abolish the CSA Scoring System: Pre-Employment Screening Program, it records all data against a driver regardless of guilt
  6. Toughen CDL training: States should have to certify CDL trainers 
  7. Educate the public: Add safely passing a CMV to the driver’s license test
  8. Parking Availability: Due to the lack of safe and legal parking places for trucks, drivers are put in dangerous and illegal situations
  9. Fines for shippers and receivers
  10. Abolish government subsidies
  11. Driver paid miles and on duty: To be paid while on duty but not moving
  12. Driver’s right to protection and privacy: Countless shootings, stabbings, and robberies
  13. Lumper Fees/Fines: Drivers should not be held accountable for the company’s cost of doing business
  14. Limit truck wreck attorneys
  15. Abolish Emissions control
  16. Filters should be cleaned for free
  17. Anti-Idling Laws: If the driver wants the motor to be running, it should be – for comfort, health, and safety
  18. Reevaluate Map 21 and The Fast Act 
  19. Stop overreaching congress members: Hold public hearings with members of the transportation industry present
  20. Over restriction in California 
  21. Prohibit the use of tax dollars from giving subsidies to major carriers: this prevents road building and infrastructure

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