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VIDEO: Semi truck stuck and broke a huge tree


Watch as this truck driver destroys not only the top of his truck but also rips apart a giant tree.

This video was posted to YouTube by Kostadin Petrov on December 7, 2017. The video is captioned:

“Alright, this is something I have seen rarely, or maybe never. It was obvious that he was going to hit that tree, but what was that truck driver thinking?

Well, obviously he thought that he wasn’t gonna hit it, so he just went straight, hit it and it got stuck between his rig and his trailer which was the reason that tree to be broken.

I really don’t want to say anything about this video, it seems stupid to me and it was totally a fault of the trucker. I need your comments on our Facebook page!”

The truck driver thinks he has gotten away with just causing damage to the tree, but the tree had other thoughts – a huge chunk of the ripped off tree remained on the back of the rig.

Semi Truck Stuck And Broke A Huge Tree

The truck backs up to try and shake the tree but there is a lot more attached than originally thought.

Semi Truck Stuck And Broke A Huge Tree

The truck driver is not happy with defeat, better luck next time driver!


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