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VIDEO: Semi truck with wide load changes lanes on top of cammer


This video shows a truck driver hauling a wide load down northbound US 183 towards Interstate 35 in Austin, Texas come to blows with another motorist.

The dashcammer is traveling in the right lane when a truck begins to merge right. At first, it seems like the truck is going to stay in the center lane, but then they continue to merge.

The dashcammer, traveling in the truck’s merging area, begins to honk the horn many times in an effort to warn the truck driver of the possible collision. You would think that the truck driver would not only notice the vehicle, but also hear the horn being honked repeatedly.

The truck collides with the side of the vehicle and knocks off the rearview mirror.

The truck continues down the road as if it didn’t notice the collision. The motorist speeds down the road around the truck and stops in front of it with the hazard lights on. It can be assumed that the truck stopped behind the dashcammer’s vehicle because the dashcam footage does not show the truck passing the vehicle.

One user on Reddit commented, “So many fails. No signal, solid white line, no guide for blind spots, etc. But why didn’t the cammer slow down sooner?”

Another said, “In what world is getting into an accident because “it’s not my fault” a favorable option to avoiding it safely if possible? Its a giant headache to deal with insurances and the offending driver, not to mention if its bad enough accident you could get injured or worse.”


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