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VIDEO: Truck driver attempts to use McDonald’s drive-thru


This video was posted to YouTube by Juan Jaramillo on Tuesday. He captioned the video saying, “When you get a Mac Attack there is no stopping anyone to succeed!!!!”

This truck driver would not park the truck and walk to the lobby of McDonald’s he/she was determined to maneuver the rig through the drive-thru.

There were multiple attempts to make the turn, but the driver couldn’t quite make it.

The cammer said between laughter, “Wow when you really want McDonald’s, you really want McDonald’s. What is this guy thinking?” We can almost hear the cammer shaking his head at the truck driver from here. Then says, “He is hitting the tree, oh my god!”

This video was also posted on Reddit. One viewer commented, “Truckers hate having to change out of their driving lingerie just to get some grub.” Another said, “Get an Uber and tip them $15 to go through the drive-thru if you want it that badly.”

Another driver in Belgium attempted the same thing:


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