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VIDEO: Trucker has no time for pig-loving protesters


Animal rights protesters say that the truck driver in this video “slams” into them as they try to stop him as he delivers pigs to a processing plant.

In this video posted on December 3 by animal rights activists “Toronto Pig Save”, a group of protesters gather outside of the Fearman’s Pork Inc. processing plant in Burlington, Ontario. The Toronto Pig Save activists say that they only wanted the truck to stop for two minutes so that they could “bear witness” to the animals’ suffering before they were slaughtered.

In a social media post, Toronto Pig Save writes, “A truck driver slams into activists, refusing to stop for 2 mins.

As you watch the video, you can see the protesters pressing against the front of the truck as if they could stop it from advancing. The truck driver sounds his airhorn to warn the protesters blocking his way, but advances slowly enough that no one is hurt.

In another video posted on the same day, another truck driver (who appears to have encountered the protesters before) stops in the roadway outside of the processing plant to give the activists their two minutes with the animals.


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