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VIDEO: Trucker shares trio of terrible driving moves caught on camera


In this series of videos sent in by YouTuber “The Life Of A Trucker”, you’ll see a wide variety of bone-headed — and dangerous — driving maneuvers caught on a truck driver’s dash cam.

Three Driving Dummies Caught On Dash Cam

The first video, entitled “Driving Wrong Way Up An On Ramp” shows a four wheeler doing just what the title suggests. While at first viewing you might assume that the car driver was confused, the YouTuber says that the action was a deliberate attempt to avoid traffic.

From The Life Of A Trucker,

Highway 6 North at the 401WB on ramp

These people are so desperate not to get stuck in the backup on the 401 that they actually turn completely around and drive the wrong way up the on ramp to the 401WB back on to Highway 6 North.

In the second video called “Running over construction cones” you can watch as a pickup truck driver gleefully (and intentionally) plows through a series of traffic cones — much to the dash cammer’s obvious delight.

In the third video, a so-called “professional” taxi driver performs a blatantly illegal and dangerous shoulder pass in order to slide in front of the dash cammer’s truck.

The Life Of A Trucker writes, “HWY 401WB @ 295 exit #6 NORTH. Video begins as I pass under HWY 6 North overpass headed westbound. Pay attention to the amount of time this guy had to either get in front or behind me. This person is supposed to be a professional and representing his company. Way to go!


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