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VIDEO: Unsafe lane change


In this video, posted by Theodore Wronski, dashcam footage depicts the dangers of unsafe lane changes, and drivers that merge without first checking their blindspot.

The video begins as the driver is seemingly in stop-and-go traffic. It is clear that the truck is not traveling at a high speed.

The truck is traveling in the right lane when a white car tries to pop onto the highway between the tractor and slowing traffic from a right side onramp.

Instead of accelerating to get onto the highway, the car can be seen slowing down while merging left.

The front of the truck may have slightly been in the car’s blindspot; however, the driver surely had to have seen the whole truck as they began merging onto the highway.

The video concludes with the 2 drivers pulling over to the side of the road undoubtedly to exchange accident information.

This video was also posted to Reddit and garnered numerous comments from other drivers that have experienced 4-wheelers hitting their truck that appears to be in their blind spot.

One comment reads, “Gah I run into situations like this all the time. I can’t stand it when I’m in my rig and people either don’t accelerate a little more to get in front of me while they merge or slow down a bit to merge behind me. They ALWAYS want to merge parallel with my truck or trailer. Granted I’ll move over a lane if I can but I’m traffic it’s all but impossible. I even leave big fat gaps during stopping and moving and they still won’t slide in. The worse is the people who wait until the very last second to merge into a lane when one is closed off ahead.”

Another commented, “Last time, I was in the middle lane. Bumper to bumper. Creeping along in granny gear when suddenly I thought hmm… Truck feels kinda funny. So I stop and this teens head pops up in front on my grille.”

You can hardly even see the car in front of the truck:

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