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VIDEO: UPS Enhances Driver Safety Training With Virtual Reality


UPS captioned this video saying, “UPS is committed to using the latest and best technology to protect its on-road employees and the communities they serve.”

Technology In Training

UPS plans to start training their drivers using computer technology that uses headsets to generate realistic driving conditions in varied environments. According to The Verge, this sort of training is set to begin in September at 9 of UPS’s training locations. Virtual reality (VR) simulators incorporate sounds and other sensations to transport the user into another physical space than their own.

Simulated Hazards

Their training simulators were created and designed by UPS to closely mirror real driving conditions. This technology is meant to replace the touch screen training currently being used. The VR will create a 360-degree world around a driver as he/she is sitting inside a training facility.

While UPS trainees are using the virtual reality they are to verbally express driving conditions as they drive. UPS claims this sort of training will put their drivers in challenging situations before they hit the road. CNN states, “The VR experience will show drivers hazards they might not see during training.”

Further, UPS is experimenting with new technology that includes the testing of a delivery drone. They began testing delivery drones this last February. This delivery drone launches off the truck to help the drivers more efficiently deliver packages.

A History Of Safety

According to UPS, as their safety culture shines they want to ensure their drivers are trained using the latest and best technology.

Only time will tell if VR training is as successful as UPS hopes.


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