In this video posted by Racing Eagle Trucking, you can see a truck driver exit his truck to confront an impatient van driver. The van insisted on changing lanes many times on a busy road in an effort to get inches closer to his/her destination.

The video is captioned saying, “A truck driver has a little chat with a driver who held him up a little longer than he wanted. This is a busy road, and we all have somewhere to go. I did enjoy seeing this truck driver give the van driver have a piece of his mind.

The creator of the video commented on this exchange, saying, “I have no idea what was said between the two. I must admit, I’ve wanted to do this a time or two. I have not because I don’t want to hold people up any longer than absolutely necessary. That being said, I didn’t mind sitting there that much longer. I got a good laugh out of it.”

We are sure since drivers are always on the road, encountering impatience drivers can be infuriating. Stay safe out there drivers!