A Youtuber has posted several videos of semi trucks navigating a Tabor City, North Carolina, intersection with dire warnings about how the truck drivers are “idiots” and are “going to kill someone.”

From the first video description: “Another 80,000 pound truck breaking the law. Running a stop sign, when they hit your car, you and your kids will be either DEAD or seriously injured. Remember, we warned you. Call town hall and complain, 910-653-3458.

Another video was posted April 1: “These semi trucks should not be on small town streets. They do more damage than 9,600 cars, look it up. And these idiots are going to kill someone.

From a March 14 Youtube post: “Atlantic Packaging’s quest to kill someone. Trucks should not be using small town streets and not in a school zone. TRUCK is on the wrong side of a major road trying to turn on a street he has no business using.

Finally, from a video posted February 11: “Welcome to Tabor City, watch this 80,000 pound Atlantic Packaging truck ROLL THROUGH A STOP SIGN. That’s gonna hurt when they hit you.

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