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XPO Logistics To Offer Tuition-Free Truck Driver Training


XPO Logistics has announced that they’ll be offering drivers the opportunity to train tuition-free as well as the chance to work part time to generate income while training.

Tuition Free Training And Part Time Work

The company┬ásays that it will offer free driver training with their “XPO’s LTL Driver Training School”, saving students about $5000 over training with for-profit trucking schools. According to the company’s website, students will receive 160 supervised hours behind the wheel with a trainer as well as 80 hours of classroom training during the 12 week program.

During the three months that students are training with XPO’s LTL Driver Training School, they’ll also have the chance to earn a paycheck working part time as a dock worker.

XPO promises to hire qualified students who pass the driver training course on a full time basis.

According to XPO’s┬áTony Brooks, “Our CDL training is a unique career opportunity in that both the company and the student have skin in the game. Students commit to classroom and hands-on instruction, and XPO provides free tuition and income while training. The program is designed to create satisfying careers for professional drivers who share our focus on safety and customer service.

Learn More

You can learn more about XPO’s LTL training opportunities by clicking here.


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