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5 of the best GPS for truckers


With so many GPS devices to choose from, it can get overwhelming to know which one is going to work best for you. They can easily start to all look the same. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best GPS for truckers, because as you may already know – a GPS is an essential tool for any truck driver. 

It’s important to remember, that you are investing in your career when buying a GPS. This means you will want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you buy one. Given that this is such an integral tool for any truck driver – you really shouldn’t skimp on finding yourself the best GPS. In this case, it’s safe to say that you will get what you pay for. And we all know the road the cheap GPS leads to…

But the GPS said…

Here are a few features that most truckers find useful in their GPS device:

  • Fueling Destinations and pricing
  • Trip Calculator
  • Lists points of interest (truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations, hotels, Walmarts)
  • Detailed Maps
  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Live Weather Updates
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Built- In Dash Cam

While these features are all nice to have, and there are some out there that do it all, it’s most important to consider what will work best for you and your trucking needs. When looking for the perfect GPS for your truck, you want to make sure it will provide you with convenience, efficiency, and safety. You want your GPS to be able to pinpoint different truck stops and rest areas, making it simple for you to plan your trip and save you time. A good trucking GPS should keep you up to date on traffic situations, and give you a heads up on bridge clearances so you can stay safe. Additionally, you should be able to conveniently use this device alongside your ELD as a tool for tracking your hours of service.

So whether you are looking for your truck’s first GPS system, or you have an unreliable GPS, or you are looking for an upgrade, we have taken the confusion and frustration out of the research in order to narrow down the 5 best GPS for truckers in 2018. These devices will help you to complete your job quickly, efficiently, and safely and are sure to be well worth your investment.

So here you have it, 5 trucking GPS devices that will make you wonder how you survived trucking without one:

Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S GPS Truck Navigator with Built-in Dash Cam

Pros: The 770 has a 7 inch HD screen. It makes it easy for you to manage hours of service, and comes with free lifetime map updates. The screen has a clear HD picture. This unit will also alert you of weigh stations, state borders, steep descends and uphill grades. It also has weather and traffic information.

Cons: If you turn the unit off while you are driving, it will not be able to connect to the satellite signal unless you plug it back into your computer. It is not compatible with Blue-tooth headsets.

What drivers say: “100% gives you piece of mind. This thing is dead on accurate. Crystal clear screen. I recommend this device to any new trucker out there.”

List Price: $442.91
$429.00 (3% off)

Buy it now on Amazon (Free Shipping)

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS with 7″ HD Vibrant Display

Pros: You can enter in latitude and longitude to take you to the exact spot you need to be – instead of ending up at the employee entrance down the road. This unit has a motor carriers atlas built in as well. It is wifi compatible and can connect to truck speakers so you can give it voice commands.

Cons: Talks too much – this device will read off every destination and highway you encounter. It costs extra to use the features that would be most beneficial to truckers such as the fuel mileage, maintenance schedules and tracking hours.

What drivers say: “Recalculating is quick if you miss a turn and it is simple to update. I like how it tells you what page and sections to look for in the atlas with destinations.”


Buy it now on Amazon (Free Shipping)

Rand McNally 528013076 Intelliroute 8″ TND Tablet with Built-in Dash Cam

Pros: This is an all in one device with truck specific navigation. You not only have the GPS unit, but it is also equipped with a built in dash cam and entertainment Apps. The 8” tablet screen makes it so easy to see your routes and to plan your trips.

Cons: The 8” tablet it a bit heavy, so make sure you have a good secure mounting bracket that will hold it.

What drivers say: “I’ve been driving for 32 years and I love this device. It has everything you would need to use. It’s easy to operate and I love the preloaded Apps. Definitely a good use for OTR drivers. ”

List Price: $499.99
$459.96 (8% off)

Buy it now on Amazon (Free Shipping)

Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S GPS Truck Navigator with Built-in Dash Cam

Pros: Has a built in dash cam and lifetime map updates. 7” screen and lightweight design. Comes with a directory for truck and trailer services and makes planning your trip very simple.

Cons: Has a built in dash cam meaning it will be more expensive than a stand alone dash cam to replace if something does go wrong. Doesn’t isolate vibrations so it tends to be a bit shaky.

What drivers say: “I like the Dezl 785 because it has a large screen for my 41 year old eyes to read. The Garmin system is intuitive and easy to use. It’s the best GPS for truckers.”


Buy it now on Amazon (Free Shipping)

TruckWay GPS – Pro Series Model 720

Pros: Free lifetime maps for US, Canada, and Mexico. Good product for the cost. It is lightweight and easy to use.

Cons: Not always reliable. Difficult to update. The screen is not in HD. Does not connect to Wifi.

What drivers say: “This is a good tool if you are looking for the bare minimum. It’s got a clear touch screen and a slim design and works better than the TomTom.”


Buy it now on Amazon (Free Shipping)

Hopefully this list has helped you in your hunt for the best trucking GPS out there. And if you use a different GPS that you absolutely couldn’t live with out – let us know about it! 


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