9 essential products for keeping your truck's interior clean

We all know that it can be hard to keep the inside of your truck clean, but it is IMPOSSIBLE if you don’t have the right tools!

That’s why we put together this list of 9 products that can really help you maintain your truck’s sparkle and shine.

  1. Miracle Wipes For Auto. With a single swipe of one of these wipes, you can get rid of dirt, grease, oil, and more. And they’re safe to use on leather, carpet, vinyl, or metal surfaces. Buy Miracle Wipes on Amazon
  2. OXO Good Grips Little Dustpan and Brush Set. Spill some sunflower seeds? You can easily sweep them up with this mini dustpan and brush set specifically designed for small spaces.  Buy OXO Good Grips Little Dustpan and Brush Set on Amazon
  3. Ultimate Dash Duster. A dusty dashboard just isn’t a good look. A couple of passes with this duster specifically designed for automotive use will have it looking clean again.  Buy Ultimate Dash Duster on Amazon
  4. Roadwear Rubbermaid Pop-Up Trash Can. This little guy is big enough to handle a good amount of the trash that life on the road generates, but not so big that you’ll be able to get away with not emptying it every day. You can open it with one hand and it collapses for easy storage when you’re not using it.  Buy Roadwear Rubbermaid Pop-Up Trash Can on Amazon
  5. Windex. You need to keep the inside of your truck’s windshield clean too!  Buy Windex on Amazon
  6. Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum. This small and affordable vacuum plugs into your 12 volt outlet. A must-have for those drivers traveling with pets!  Buy Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum on Amazon
  7. Camco Nylon Mesh Bag. Just like houses, trucks can get cluttered. These inexpensive nylon mesh bags are a good option for storing odds and ends and they take up virtually no space when they’re not in use.  Buy Camco Nylon Mesh Bags on Amazon
  8. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Whether your pet has an accident or your co-driver has come down with the flu, sometimes it is important to de-germify your truck’s interior.  Buy Clorox Disinfecting Antibacterial Wipes on Amazon
  9. Weiman Leather Wipes. If you have leather in your truck, you know that it needs a different kind of TLC. These leather wipes are cheap and easy to use — a good investment to help you maintain the leather in your truck’s interior.  Buy Weiman Leather Wipes on Amazon

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