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Arkansas trucker’s “Blind Driver” social media message goes viral


An Arkansas truck driver who is fed up with distracted driving came up with an unforgettable way to drive her point home.

“Blind” Woman Caught Driving Jeep In Viral Videos

In a series of three videos, you can see a woman who appears to be completely blind making her way through a Walmart parking lot, entering a Jeep, and driving away, much to the shock of those looking on.

The video is captioned: “OMG!!! Y’all ain’t gonna believe what I just saw at Walmart!!!! Me & Mom watched this woman get out of her car & couldn’t believe it, so we waited for her to come out… WATCH THIS!!!!!!!”

In the second video, you can see the same woman pumping gas into her vehicle. Once again, though she appears to be extremely visually impaired, the woman drives away in the Jeep.
This video was captioned “SAME WOMAN IN LAST VIDEO… we followed her!!!!!”

Many Facebook users were shocked to see the woman behind the wheel.

Trucker Shares Message About Texting And Driving

Finally, fifty-five year old truck driver Pattie Houston created a third video revealing the purpose of her social media stunt. The video is captioned: “My sister & I wanted to send out a message but we wanted to get your attention first…”

Houston goes on to explain why she and her sister made the videos. She writes: “Some of you know I drive a semi, I see people driving 70 mph texting. I also pass people swerving all over the road because they’re texting, and it’s not just a few but MANY. By just telling people “don’t text and drive” gets overlooked, so we decided to get your attention first, then get the message out because if you’re frightened by a blind person driving then you should be more frightened of those texting. Pay attention to your driving!! We are not belittling the blind nor those with disabilities, I was disabled for years, and if you’re offended by this, well, I’m sure you’re offended by life!

While some users complained that Houston was just looking for attention, many appreciate her efforts to bring awareness to the problem of distracted driving. Her videos have been viewed over 4 million times since they were posted on January 2.


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