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Beer truck drivers lure suicidal man from the ledge with a case of Coors Light


A couple of Minnesota beer delivery truck drivers are being hailed as heroes for coaxing a suicidal man off of an overpass with a case of Coors Light.

On Wednesday, Breakthru Beverage delivery truck drivers Jason Gabel and Kwame Anderson were making their rounds in St. Paul when they spotted a man on the outside of a fence on an I-94 overpass, according to reporting from the Washington Post.

The two drivers suspected that the man was thinking of ending his own life, they slowed down to ask him “Bro, you all right?”

When the man responded that he was going to kill himself, the drivers called 911.

As they waited for law enforcement to arrive on the scene, they tried to keep the man occupied so he wouldn’t jump.

Worried that police might not arrive in time, Anderson did everything he could to distract the man and keep him from jumping. Even after police arrived, Anderson continued talking to the suicidal man.

Recalling Denzel Washington in the movie “Inside Man,” Anderson worked to establish a connection with the man, offering him food and money. The man refused both. But when Anderson asked the man “Do you want to have a drink with me?”, the man responded, “Maybe.”

That’s when Anderson grabbed a twelve-pack of Coors Light and told the man that he could have the beer if he came down off of the ledge. Surprisingly, the man agreed and was placed inside an ambulance without further incident.

Breakthru Beverage wrote on Facebook “Not all super heroes wear capes, or even have super powers. Some heroes simply stop and offer to help someone in need. We are honored to employ two incredible heroes.”



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