VIDEO- Trucker takes on construction zone on Hopland Grade. It does not go well.

In response to the viral video of a truck overturning and falling down an embankment on Hopland Grade, Caltrans has issued a warning to truck drivers to heed the signs and stay away.

From Caltrans District 1:

“State Route 175 between Hopland and Lakeport is limited to vehicles NOT OVER 39 feet in total length! Our contractor’s crew was out working on SR 175 yesterday afternoon when they saw this long truck trying to make it through a one-lane section of highway where a retaining wall is being built.

Multiple signs are posted to warn truck drivers of this length restriction, but drivers continue to try to go through. Sometimes they simply get stuck, but others end up going over the embankment. This driver was not injured, but it must have been the ride of his life! Note that the audio of this video was edited to remove expletives of surprise from our crew.

Please help spread the word: NO VEHICLES ALLOWED OVER 39′ IN LENGTH FROM HOPLAND TO LAKEPORT ON SR175. Thank you.”

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