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A comedian shares his brutally honest take on tow truck drivers


Whether you’ve worked in the towing industry — or if you’re a semi truck driver who has ever been unlucky enough to need to call a tow truck —  we think you’ll appreciate this comedian’s no-holds-barred video that shows a little love to the towing community.

Florida comedian Josh Prey has already charmed the trucking community with his spot-on tribute to truck drivers. And now he’s back with a new video to praise those who do what he calls “the hardest job in the world” — tow truck drivers.

Prey’s shout out has members of both the trucking community and the towing community thanking him for shedding light on the men and women who do this often thankless job.

YouTube user Khaeldranis writes, “I’m a semi trucker and when I have to call a wrecker my wallet cries but my heart sings. I know that no matter what is wrong y’all don’t leave until you’ve done everything in your power to make it right. Shout out to the extremely patient man in Maryland that had to wrestle with three foot deep mud to drag my rig free at 2300 in the middle of a rainstorm.”

EverydayJunkie56 also appreciated the video, writing, “Thank you!! I used to be one and its a life or death job!! Ive almost been hit on the highway in the middle of the winter!!”

User Justin Case said, “Lol.. amen. Im a truck driver and roadside mechanics/ towtruck drivers are my heros. 😁 It’s like a medivac helicopter coming down to evac a wounded soldier. You look up and think ” thank God, they’re here.”

You can take a look at the clip below.


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