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Dash cam maker says this driver-facing video may have saved driver’s job


A dash cam manufacturer is making the case for driver-facing cameras by demonstrating how they saved one trucker from getting in trouble after his truck was damaged while avoiding a head-on collision.

Video shared by SmartDrive, a company that provides “video-based safety programs”, features an oil hauler named Alex, who managed to avoid crashing into a car that drifted into his lane of traffic by driving off onto the shoulder.

SmartDrive praised Alex’s two second reaction to avoid the collision and to steer his truck back onto the roadway without any serious incident. The video claims that though Alex’s truck was damaged when he drove off the highway onto the shoulder, his supervisor was able to use the driver-facing video to determine that Alex did the right thing.

Instead of questions about mystery damage, Alex received praise for his proactive driving in front of his peers,” the video narrator claims.

Reddit user Woodscraps pointed out after viewing the video that “95 percent of bad behavior can be caught by forward-facing cameras rather than pointing one at the driver. What matters more than anything is what the truck is doing. Quite a bit can be inferred from that alone. I can’t see myself working at a company with driver-facing cameras.”

Take a look at the video below to determine for yourself whether the driver-facing video really helped the trucker’s supervisor to decide that he wasn’t at fault.


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