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Drug testing company charged with faking truck driver results


A company based in Winnipeg is facing serious charges for allegedly faking drug test results for numerous truck drivers for nearly a year.

Winnepeg police say that drug testing company Precision Health Limited failed to perform proper tests on truck driver samples from October 2017 through September 2018. According to reports, 32 trucking companies and hundreds of truck drivers could be affected by the fraudulent drug tests. Investigators say that the trucking companies were unaware that the drug tests had been falsified.

Precision Health Limited’s 53 year old owner Colleen Faye Robinson has been charged with fraud and forgery.

“Investigators learned that the contracted company did not properly test driver samples according to mandated procedures and test results were falsified and provided to drivers,” Constable Jay Murray told CTV News.

“I believe that Precision is collecting urine samples from their client’s drivers, charging them accordingly, then failing to have the samples tested and then issuing MRO [Medical Review Officer] reports indicating the results have been analyzed by a MRO,” reads the police report.

So far, the U.S. Department of Transportation has not issued a call for the affected drivers who cross the Canadian border to retake drug tests.

In addition to testing truck drivers, Precision Health Limited also provided testing services for drivers employed by the city of Winnipeg.

Robinson pled guilty to fraud charges in 2011 in relation to fraudulent medical exams. She was also sued by the government of Manitoba in 2013 for alleged fraudulent electronic billing.


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