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Grand Island Express truck driver recognized with the 4 Million Miles Safe Award


Nebraska trucker Eric Bauman is now the first Grand Island Express driver to reach four million accident-free miles.

Bauman received the 4 Million Miles Safe Award on May 25, 2018 at a ceremony held by G.I. Express. He has been driving for the company since 1989.

Having grown up around heavy machinery, Bauman has craved the trucking life since his early years.

“I knew when I was a child that this is what I wanted to do,” he said. “It was a perfect fit for me. I wanted to do it since I was a kid.”

Soon after hitting the legal age, Bauman hit the road. Although he has seen many changes in the trucking industry, including ELDs and regulation changes, he still very much enjoys the job.

As reported by The Independent, Bauman gives credit to several contributing factors to his long-term success. He first appreciates the support of his family.

“I just married a good woman because she understands that I’m gone five days a week, and she has to take care of everything,” he says.

In addition to the support he receives from his wife and four children, Bauman mentions the integrity of G.I. Express.

“[They] get me back every week on time,” he says. “You can stay out longer if you choose to, but it’s harder with a wife and children. I think in the 28 years that I have worked here there haven’t been five or 10 times that I didn’t get home or I had to get back out. They promote safety, and they have always treated me excellent.”

To top off his safe driving regimen, Bauman exercises, refrains from smoking, and keeps a cool head by not letting road-rage get the best of him. G.I. Express safety director Lucas Mowrey has nothing but praise for the accomplished driver.

“Eric will come in and say to me that he almost messed up, but he reminds himself to take a second look to prevent an accident,” Mowrey raves. “That is true dedication. That is a true safety professional. He has always been a great team player.”

Congratulations, Eric.


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