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Hairstylist claims trucker left ‘bags of poop’ in parking lot when she asked him to move


A Texas hairstylist says that her day went down the toilet when she had to clean up multiple bags filled with human feces left by a trucker who had illegally parked overnight in her lot.

The incident happened on the morning of Wednesday, December 19, at The Labelle Salon & Boutique in Odessa, Texas.

Trucker leaves poop in parking lot

Worker Penny Roberts told CBS7 that when she arrived at work, she spotted an 18 wheeler illegally parked in her store’s lot. Roberts says that she knew the driver, who works for an oilfield services company, and that she believes that he slept in the private lot overnight.

Roberts said that she asked the trucker to leave. He complied, but she said that he left something stinky behind — four plastic bags filled with poop scattered across the parking lot.

Trucker leaves poop in parking lot

Roberts explained how she made the disgusting discovery:

“He’s mad at us because we asked him to leave the parking lot … So he’s mad so he took it out on us. So i walk over to pick up the bag to go throw the trash away and realize what was in the bags. And you can tell it is just thrown and feces is everywhere.”

Roberts says she’ll call police immediately next time she sees a semi truck illegally parked in the lot.

Take a look at CBS7’s coverage of the incident below.


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