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Here’s what’s going on with those painted rocks you’re finding at truck stops


If you’ve been finding painted rocks squirreled away at truck stops and rest areas lately, you’re not alone — a growing number of groups are hiding “trucker rocks” in places where drivers are likely to find them.

Members of Facebook groups like “Trucker Rocks 4Fun” have been making a lighthearted game of painting and hiding small rocks where fellow drivers might find them. Drivers who find the rocks can then post photos of their “trucker rocks” finds to the Facebook group to let the creators know that they have been found.

Some “trucker rocks” fans are keeping and collecting the rocks while others are re-hiding for others to find.

Drivers are not the only people participating in the “trucker rocks” trend. Truck stop and rest area employees are also playing along and the group invites “any one in the trucking community that enjoys making others smile” to participate.

Designs vary from a simple message asking the finder to follow a trucker rocks group on Facebook to serious works of art.

Here are some of our favorite “trucker rocks”!



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