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Illinois trooper says she’ll call a driver’s company after she saw him do this


An Illinois State Trooper says that she’ll be calling a truck driver’s company to report his driving — but not for the reason that you think.

On October 27, the Illinois State Police District 10 Pesotum’s Trooper Tracy Lillard wrote:

Dear Truck Driver,

I saw you yesterday on I-57 in the right lane, headed southbound between Olympian Drive and I-74. I saw you slow down as you saw traffic on the I-74 interchange ramp approaching our location. I saw you turn your turn signal on to move to the left lane. You were clearly moving over to give the entering traffic room to merge. I saw every bit of it.

I flashed my headlights at you. It was broad daylight, but I knew you’d be looking in your mirrors and would see me. I stayed back as you moved into the left lane to allow the traffic to merge. You flashed your taillights at me to say Thank You. You made me smile. I knew exactly what you were doing. It’s called sharing the road. It’s called being alert. It’s called being polite.

I stayed behind you in the left lane for a few miles. Traffic was thick and no one was letting you back to the right lane and then we were approaching the I-72 interchange. We stayed in the left until that traffic merged on. You signaled to get back into the right lane and another truck driver let you in. I passed you on the left, wishing I had a passenger to take a picture of your truck. I wanted to send a shout out to you and your company.

As I drove by I memorized your plate number, company name, and truck number and later jotted then down. I know your company probably would like to hear good news as opposed to bad news, so I intend on calling on Monday. They will know who you are and what your route was. As I passed you I waved. I don’t know if you saw it, but I’m sure you saw my squad car.

I was happy to share the road with you. I know there are so many over the road truck drivers that have millions of safe driving miles under their belt and it makes me happy knowing you were probably one of them.

I wish it wasn’t so hard for motorists to understand how to operate a passenger vehicle around a truck tractor-semi trailer in order to stay safe and out of blind spots, and I do my best trying to educate them.

Until then, continue to drive safely and I’m glad we were able to communicate with our headlights and taillights.

A truck drivers daughter and a State Trooper

Since the post was shared on Facebook, it has already been shared more than 2000 times and liked over 7000 times — mostly by members of the trucking community who are grateful that a member of law enforcement noticed the courtesy of a professional driver and took the time to write the post.

Other drivers just wanted to say thanks to Trooper Lillard for helping to shine a positive light on the trucking industry.


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