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Indiana man builds motorcycles from semi truck parts for riders who “hate getting killed”


An Indiana trucking company owner has created a unique series of motorcycles from heavy duty truck parts to provide riders with a safer (and way more bada$$) experience.

Jim Gesto of South Bend, Indiana, owns Belle Way Trucking, but he also has been creating some of the most unique motorcycles on the market — “Tower Trikes.”

Gesto told News Channel 9 that he took his inspiration from seeing how badly some motorcyclists fare in crashes with passenger vehicles: “One of the things that kind of bugged me was I’m on our road and I see that car ran over a motorcycle…How do you solve that problem? Well, you build a motorcycle big enough to run over a car.”

Gesto created his Tower Trikes to be the largest vehicle on the road that can still legally be called motorcycles. At almost 11,000 pounds, these monsters also have custom built engines, 15 inch tires, and a cross mounted on the back.

The Tower Trikes site promises that you’ll get “a LOT of head-turning, puzzled looks – with BIG Smiles.”

You can take a look at some photos of Tower Trikes below!

You can check out towertrikes.com to learn more.


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