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Iowa State Patrol reports seeing more ‘Ultra-Distracted’ drivers”


The term “ultra-distracted” may be unfamiliar to you, but the practice is all too common. It refers to motorists who are on their phones watching videos and TV shows while driving.

Iowa State Patrol troopers say that the number of these drivers continues to skyrocket as people can’t seem to kick the dangerous habit.

Trooper James Lancaster gave some insight as to how easy it is to spot the offenders. As reported by KCRG, drivers will try to tuck their phones into the dash. However, Lancaster said that he is able to see the phone’s reflection on your face, especially after dark.

“I’m going to know what episode they’re watching if someone’s watching ‘Seinfeld’ down the road,” he said.

People often have the mindset that if they can get away with distracted driving, it isn’t a big deal. That thought is both dangerous and untrue. Lancaster recalled one example of an ultra-distracted driver who was completely oblivious and could have seriously hurt someone.

“We’re in a construction zone, he’s run over at least 10 cones,” Lancaster said. “I pull him over, and when I walk up and climb into the cab of the truck, he’s got ‘America’s Got Talent’ or ‘American Idol’ on his phone over his gauges so he can’t see any of his gauges and he’s watching that.”

Not only could putting your phone away save you from a $100 fine, it could save lives.

“Just have the discipline to put the phones down,” said Lancaster. “Your loved ones will thank you.”


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